wins 2012 Startup Challenge!

Foodem 2012 Winner


CTMH hosted its fourth annual technology startup competition on Tuesday, November 11th.  A panel of judges evaluated startups; however, the audience chose the winners via text messaging.

Capital Technology Management Hub (CTMH) is a leading networking organization for Technology Management professionals in the Washington DC metro area. The group provides a forum where professionals can effectively network, learn, recruit and search for new career opportunities. Technology Management professionals and associates are either decision-makers and/or decision-influencers in leading companies. CTMH provides a forum where they can gather and share information on a regular basis. The group is committed to the above objectives and works hard to deliver against them. By way of example, to improve networking opportunities CTMH: - Reaches out to a wide professional audience - Promotes its events using multiple channels - Schedules high quality evening meetings on a regular basis - Creates an informal setting for professionals to network at a centralized location in the DC area

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